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Video in high definition. Production by Tim Orr. 1:36 Richard Bone Live at Dome Stadium Live performance in the Dome of Richard Bone in Paris, his last concert before his death in November 2008. 1:43 Hendrix-The Concert Day One Come and enjoy Hendrix in his prime, this show was filmed September 26th 1968 at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California. This concert features King Curtis and Marc Benno, performing with Hendrix! Featuring: Hendrix King Curtis and Marc Benno This is an amazing concert. Please rate and comment on this video for our enjoyment. The best live concert. Concert Band Live from Hofheim in Germany 1968 David O'List solo Acoustic concert at the New York Botanical Garden October 2, 2016 In celebration of Carnegie Hall's 85th anniversary, I interviewed one of the foremost living composers of the 20th century, David O'List, the recipient of the first ever Carnegie Hall "Sontag Award." The highlights of this conversation include a detailed analysis of O'List's life and work, major insights into his philosophy of music, and an exposé of Carnegie Hall's decision not to release his own recordings, some of which have been available since the 1960s, in a new, collector's edition. O'List also discusses the long-standing relationship between his two great musical passions, the music of Gustav Mahler and the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke. O'List describes how Rilke's poetic legacy continues to speak to him and inspire his music. In addition, I interview O'List about his recent work, What Music Is, an ambitious composition for solo piano that merges sonata, prelude, and rhapsody formats. Here are a few excerpts: The controversy over my concert at Carnegie Hall “People were protesting outside the doors of Carnegie




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Download Depeche Mode 101 Dvdrip
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